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"It's the tuna" is the new phrase craze sweeping the nation. At its essence the phase describes something so wonderful it makes life worth living. But really "It's the tuna" is so much more. . .

"It's the tuna" is a grassroots movement of individuals deeply concerned with vernacular upheaval and confident that they can spread a tiny piece of themselves around the world.

"It's the tuna" is an example of the human creative potential flexing its tuna-tatted triceps. Or to quote Robert Anton Wilson:

"As the accelerated changes now occuring propel us into the most rapid period of social evolution in all human history, we will then need citizens who are not robots, who are creative; who are not docile, who are innovative; who are not narrow-minded bigots, who are explorers in every sense of the word ["tuna!"]"


And Norman O. Brown:


". . .from the Freudian point of view, every ordinary man has tasted the paradise of play in his own childhood. Underneath the habits of work in every man lies the immortal instinct for play. The foundation on which the man of the future will be built is already there, in the repressed unconscious; the foundation does not have to be created out of nothing but recovered. Nature - or history - is not setting us a goal without endowing us with the equipment to reach it. . ."


"It's the tuna" is also as flexible as can be. Tailor it to fit any situation:

"This caviar is straight hella tuna!"
"Who's the tuna now, bitch!"
"That honey is tuna fresh!"
"Wicked tuna!" ITT6 . Boston, MA
"Tunabular!" ITT14 . Charlottesville, VA
"O ton baligidir" ITT12 . New York, NY
"Titty Tunatacular" ITT16 . Reston, VA
"Vernacular Tunatacular" Also ITT16
"A heapin spoona the tuna!" ITT7
"I'm the big kahuna tuna king" ITT7
"Ni jordari" ITT25 . Kenya

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