the movement

The Roster:

ITT1, ITT2, ITT3, ITT4 - The Board - Oakland, CA
ITT5 - Mike Kattah - Palo Alto, CA
ITT6 - Kelly Piche - Groton, MA
ITT7 - Hunter Provyn- Columbia, MD
ITT8 - Steven Nielson - New York, NY
ITT9 - Kyle Earnest- New York, NY
ITT10 - Michaela Morris - Lafayette, IN
ITT11 - Michael Starks - Lafayette, IN
ITT12 - Emre Peker- New York, NY
ITT13 - Joe Aubin - Newton, MA
ITT14 - Michael "Smells Like Tuna Spirit" Filtz - Charlottesville, VA
ITT15 - Claire Moore - Nashville, TN
ITT16 - Gil - Reston, VA
ITT17 - Stephanie Hanson - Madison, WI
ITT18 - Jonathan Steinberg - Richboro, PA
ITT19 - Pants Pants Pants-
Oakland, CA
ITT20 - Dan Steinberg - State College, PA
ITT21 - Alex Pugh - Scottsdale, AZ
ITT22 - Derrick Upchurch - Powhatan, VA
ITT23 - James Warren Herrold - State College, PA
ITT24 - Lauren Cochran - Palo Alto, CA
ITT25 - Allison Kathleen Vertovec - Kenya!
ITT26 - Rachael Dealy - Charlottesville, VA
ITT27 - Nicole Wade - Charlottesville, VA
ITT28 - Nate Daugherty - Herndon, VA
ITT29 - Kate Oppegaard - Tempe, AZ
ITT30 - Matthew Baume - San Francisco, CA
ITT31 - Jared Voyles - Scottsdale, AZ

ITT32 - Justin Odegaard - Stanford, CA
ITT33 - David Moon - Washington, DC
ITT34 - Michael Pergam - Washington, DC
ITT35 - Skye Beach - Madison, WI
ITT36 - Jennifer Liu - New York, NY
ITT37 - Brian Buniva - Richmond, VA
ITT38 - Kelly Johnson - Glen Allen, VA

ITT39 - Kaitlin Johnson - Glen Allen, VA
ITT40 - Emily Farnham - San Francisco, CA

ITT41 - Brian Campfield - Pittsburg, PA
ITT42 - David Steinberg - Nashville, TN
ITT43 - Noah Spiegel - Nashville, TN

ITT44 - Nathan Buniva - Syracuse, NY
ITT45 - Ryan Fabrizio - Scottsdale, AZ
ITT46 - Tim Kouril - Arlington, VA
ITT47 - Ann Klocke - Philidelphia, PA

ITT48 - Jessica Young - Cambridge, MA
ITT49 - Pete Phelan
ITT50 - Joe Bates - Newnan, GA
ITT51 - Chris Wurster - Bloomfield Hills, MI
ITT52 - Eric Weaver - Lewisburg, PA
ITT53 - Lauren Cunningham - Sand Springs, OK
ITT54 - Andrew Newell - Sand Springs, OK
ITT55 - Kelly Amott
ITT56 - Zachary Combs - Beaver, PA
ITT57 - Jon Hutt - Teaneck, NJ
ITT58 - Ethan Barr - Spring Grove, PA

ITT59 - Sarah Court - Leominster, MA
ITT60 - Dan Hutt - Teaneck, NJ
ITT61 - Jay Siletski - Teaneck, NJ
ITT62 - John Duatscheck - Arlington, VA
ITT63 - Matthew Stevens - Red Oak, NC
ITT64 - Temple Simpson - Cambridge, MA
ITT65 - Emily Funk - Richmond, VA

How to Become A Phraseblazer
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Join the movement!

"I want to spread the "It's the Tuna" everywhere I go. How do I become an official phraseblazer?"

Simply e-mail us here.

In your email, let us know where you live so that we can send you an "Introduction to Phraseblazing" to help you start up on your quest. You will also receive your ITT number that will serve as your identification, some flyers to hand out, and now STICKERS!!!

A preview of things to come:

Once you run out of the flyers we give you (perfectly pocket sized and oh so easy to hand out), DO NOT FEAR!! You can make your own! All you do is download these PDFs and (1)Print (2)Cut out and then (3)Hand Out in town:
frontPDF. backPDF.


"A Word to the Phraseblazers"
25Feb04 . ITT2. OAKLAND, CA

Don't get discouraged when you hear someone mockingly using "It's the Tuna!" Rather than seeing it as a challenge to all the hard work and dedication we selfless phraseblazers demonstrate everyday in the face of the most horrifying adversities, see it for the success that it really is. This person is saying "It's the Tuna!"

Just think of all the awkward white guys who would throw up lanky arms while smirking out a "raise the roof" or the tattooed girls with studded belts giggling "izzles" to each other. This is how the best phrases always start. The insecurity you're witnessing is an integral stepping stone to widespread acceptance. Don't take it as a slight, an affront, a rebuff or rebuke. Take pleasure in the fact that whether this poor sap realizes it or not, your gracious hand has touched his soul.



Thanks to the inspirational support of ITT11 T-Shirts have been created.

Along with the two styles available right now, there is an additional style not available for purchase. This shirt we reserve for the truly exceptional phraseblazers. To date, only one reward ITTT has been issued. Here it is:

So if you want this one. BLAZE!



Hitting the Streets!

I think we'll all be surprised how many people are out there desperate to say "It's the Tuna!"
In the meantime, however, I offer you these encouraging words:



Contact us at:


It's the Tuna!
2422 8th Ave. #3
Oakland, CA 94606



We are always looking for signs of progress:

photos of phraseblazers on the streets, recordings of people using the phrase, new flyers,e-mail, etc. . .

send us anything that you think will help the cause,
because for us,

that's the tuna. . .

We'll very likely put it on the website, and if it's really exceptional we'll send you this "It's the tuna!" T-Shirt.